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Wooden balance board | Sport

These Balance Boards are the ideal solution if you want to improve your balance on an ecologic, high-end product. They are often used for proprioception training, which challenges and develops proprioceptive receptors. Proprioception helps to stabilize a joint during static and dynamic functional tasks. Proprioception exercises can decrease your risk of injury. The Wooden Balance Board is available in 3 versions: Uni-Directional, Standard & Sport. Thanks to their different forms and balance points, these products have a very different character and levels of difficulty.


The most challenging Balance Board is our Sport version, which, as the name specifies, makes it a real sport. Finding your balance and avoiding the edges touching the ground is hard and requires you to use all the muscles in your body. It’s a great and fun way to do a full-body workout.

Brand: Brand of Wooden balance board | Sport
Category Fitness
Ref code: 05-040002
Material Wood
Unit 1 pc

• Diameter: 40 cm
• Height: 9 cm
• Max inclination: 20°
• Max weight: 150 kg