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Moves band

Premium quality, powder-free, latex resistive exercise bands. Tear-resistive thanks to the Snap-Stop® fabrication process. The Moves Band provides positive as well as negative forces on the muscles. Furthermore it improves the range of motion, the strength and the cooperation of the muscle groups.

Brand: Brand of Moves band
Category Resistive
Ref code:
Material Powder-free latex

• Lay-flat-length: available in 5 different lengths
• Width: 127mm
• Resistance: available in 8 different levels
• Dispenser 1,5m
• Polybag: 10 individually packed pcs of the same resistance and length
• Box with one roll: available in 3 different lengths (5,5m / 22,5m / 45,5m)
• Set of 5 resistances (yellow – black) available in 1,5m and 2,5m