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Theraflex™ putty

Just like the Moves Comfort Putty, the Theraflex™ Putty is multi-purposed: it can be used for both rehabilitation purpuses, as for stress relief. It is odourless, does not stain and will not leave any residue on the patient’s hand. Theraflex™ Putty is also non-toxic, greaseless, hypo-allergenic and it contains antimicrobial agents which makes it a very hygienic & safe product to use.

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Material Latex-free, Gluten-free, contains anti-microbial agents
Unit 1 pc

• Resistance: available in 6 different levels
• Available in 6 different weights: 57 g – 85 g – 113 g – 170 g – 454 g – 2,3 kg
• 1 Putty of the selected colour/resistance pre-packed in a container of the chosen weight