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MVS In Motion: A dynamic force in sports, rehab therapy, and fitness

Established in 1996, MVS In Motion is dedicated to elevating and supporting performance by offering exceptional rehab therapy, sports, and fitness solutions. We combine expertise and durable products to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential.

Committed to excellence

With a passion for excellence and quality, we offer comprehensive rehabilitation services and a wide range of training products, making MVS In Motion a leading manufacturer and master distributor in the industry.

Redefining Possibilities

MVS In Motion stands at the forefront of transformative experiences, offering a synergy of skill and success. Whether you are looking to recover, train, or excel, discover how our company redefines possibilities for every stage. MVS In Motion, where motion meets mastery.


MVS In Motion is that one-stop-shop that helps you to grow and succeed. Besides offering valuable products, we support our customers with unique knowledge and expertise. Our foundation is a well-structured and smooth organization that efficiently responds to every question.


MVS In Motion thrives on seeking out intriguing and relevant opportunities to align with your evolving needs, ensuring that we stay ahead in meeting your expectations.


Insight into your needs and wishes is crucial. That is why we keep improving our wide range of products. We are energetic, powerful, and we like to tackle anything head-on.


Innovating, evolving, and excelling is in our DNA. We are constantly on the move and we bring out the best in ourselves as well as in our customers. We are vibrant and encouraging, thanks to the solid

foundation and the strong MVS team. You can always rely on us.


We make a difference through our passion. MVS In Motion is committed and does not give up.

We are continuously taking steps to deliver the best.

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