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Focused and dedicated to your specific journey. The specialized end high-end Moves products are aimed towards physiotherapy and rehabilitation, predominantly resistive exercise. Resistive exercise products have various levels of resistance, which also makes them perfect for fitness. Moves products are generally CE certified.
Moves FIT is a trendy and youthful brand created to compete with new brands on the market. With FIT, we provide universally known resistances in a vibrant colour sequence. Reach your goals, and stretch your limits, with Moves and Moves FIT.


Moves is there for you. Our focus and high standards is what makes us able to assist you with essential products and specific expertise


With the aid of Moves, you move forward, step by step, towards your desired progression. There are products for every phase, for every treatment. Moves is there to assist your evolution. You can bring your patient to the next level. With Moves, we help you to reach the top.


Moves keeps reinventing and improving its products. This brand has the ambition to do better each time. Moves makes the difference. We offer the best selection of products, that supports and eases the commitment and discipline of your patients.


Moves stands for expertise and professional know-how. A quality-driven brand that guarantees optimal support. Moves products help during your rehabilitation or movement optimization. They help you to achieve your goals and succeed.


We are ready for each and every request for help. We deliberately opt for a wide but specialised product range. These products have long proven their worth. Honest products that excel in quality and convenience.


Moves and Moves FIT bands are unique in their field. Thanks to extensive research and development in collaboration with a specialized supplier, MVS In Motion has achieved an innovative production process to produce safer resistance bands: the Snap-Stop® technology (name patented by MVS In Motion). When used properly, this distinctive feature will prevent sudden snapping when the band is exposed to high forces, even if there is a cut or puncture!
Choose safer resistive exercising, choose Snap-Stop®

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Mambo Max is your go-to brand for wellness, fitness, and strength training at an affordable price. Combine various products for a complete work-out, without leaving your home! Mambo Max is the energetic fitness brand that keeps you fit and fierce, all while you are having fun.


Mambo Max brings balance into your life. This brand inspires you to take action, to work out, to move. It even assists you in relaxation and massage. It is the perfect partner for a healthy life.


A body that is in shape, is a healthy body. Mambo Max offers a complete assortment to keep your body fit. It helps you to build power, resilience, flexibility, and balance. Together with Mambo Max, you move forward, with the right balance.


Mambo Max is a symbol for fun. Our colourful range of products emphasises this. The goal is to give you that optimal, fun workout. Exercising becomes a true pleasure. You have to admit, working on yourself doesn’t have to feel like working, does it?


Mambo Max is here for everyone. Young and old, skilled or newbie, for people that want to see results. We make sports and exercising attractive. The happy and appealing colours guarantee a lighthearted, playful range.

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