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Comfort putty

The Moves Comfort Putty strengthens weakened grasp through exercise and is used for rehabilitation or stress relief. It is odourless, does not stain and will not leave any residue on the patient’s hands. Moreover, the Moves Comfort Putty is non-toxic, greaseless, hypo-allergenic and it contains antimicrobial agents. Be assured of a top-tier product thanks to the Moves label!

Brand: Brand of Comfort putty
Category Hand Therapy
Ref code:
Material Latex-free, Gluten-free, contains anti-microbial agents
Unit 1 pc

• Resistance: available in 6 different levels
• Available in 2 weights: 85 g and 454 g
• 1 putty of the selected colour/resistance pre-packed in a container of the chosen weight