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AB peanut ball

The Mambo Max AB (Anti-Burst) Peanut Ball helps users who struggle with the instability of a regular gym ball. The peanut shape offers extra sideway stability, which gives more confidence to start working out with gym balls.
The Mambo Max AB Peanut Ball off ers a more predictable therapy or fi tness training as it can only roll in one direction. This certainly is a huge benefi t for children, the elderly or people who suffered an injury. In addition, peanut balls are very popular among pregnant women and are beneficial devices during labour.

Brand: Brand of AB peanut ball
Category Fitness
Ref code: 05-011103
Unit 1 pc

• Size: 50 x 100 cm
• Max weight: 150 kg
• 1 AB Peanut Ball in a cardboard retail pack
• Includes: Faster Blaster Pump and plug