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Baseline | 5-position hydraulic hand grip dynamometer

• This product gives accurate grip strength readings without the subject being able to “feel” the handle move
• Readings are repeatable
• Maximum reading remains until reset
• Readings in lb and kg
• CE certified; manufactured and serviced in the USA since 1978
• Recalibration available once/year based on warranty
• Five position handle and body contours assure results consistent with published Baseline® and Jamar® studies
• Internationally accepted design assures reliability, accuracy, and repeatability
• Lightweight units include a protective carry case, instructions for use, and norms
• 90 kg (200 lb) capacity, 6,4 cm (2,5”) diameter dial head

Brand: Brand of Baseline | 5-position hydraulic hand grip dynamometer
Category Evaluation
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Unit 1 pc

Choose your warranty:
• Red | LiTE® = 1 year warranty
• Blue | Standard = 2 year warranty
• Black | HD® = 5 year warranty