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Baseline | Multi-filament pen

The multi-filament pen offers a non-invasive evaluation of the diminished protective sensation. The pen contains 4 nylon monofilaments, each representing a unique amount of force which is marked by colour and size. Simply slide down the lever of the desired monofilament and use it as intended. This pen provides a useful set of monofilaments in a fun, compact, and protected form.

Brand: Brand of Baseline | Multi-filament pen
Category Evaluation
Ref code: 12-1370
Material Nylon monofilaments
Unit 1 pc

• green filament | use: normal | size: 2,83 | force: 0,07 gm
• blue filament | use: diminished light touch | size: 3,61 | force: 0,4 gm
• purple filament | use: diminished protective sensation | size: 4,56 | force: 4 gm
• red filament | use: loss of protective sensation | size: 5,07 | force: 10 gm