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MicroFET™ 2 muscle test dynamometer

The wireless microFET™ 2 Digital Handheld Dynamometer is an accurate, portable Force Evaluation and Testing (FET) device. It is designed for taking objective, reliable, and quantifiable muscle testing measurements. The microFET™2 aids in the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of neuromuscular disorders.

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Unit 1 pc

• Measurement range 0-136 kg (0-300 lb) force
• Easy-to-read LCD Displays shows peak force and elapsed time
• Selectable units of measure: pounds (lbs.), Newtons (N), or kilogram-force (kgf)
• Accuracy within 1% of the reading
• Two threshold settings for muscle testing: Low 0,4 to 136 kg (0,8 to 300 lb) in 0,05 kg (0,1 lb) increments and High threshold 1,4 to 136 kg (3,0 to 300 lb) in 0,05 kg (0,1 lb) increments
• Stores up to 30 tests
• Uses rechargeable lithium ion rechargeable battery
• Self-activating “sleep” mode after 3 minutes to extend battery life
• Available with US plug (12-0381W) and EU plug (12-0381EU)