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Moves IASTM tools

Moves IASTM Tools (Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Tools) enable therapists to treat acute and chronic soft tissue dysfunction. The tools are used in physical therapy, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and various other treatments. They can be used on many body parts, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.


IASTM works like a standard massage, but specialized instruments are used instead of a physical therapist’s hands. These instruments are designed to apply a specific amount of pressure to tissue so that a therapist can work through it without causing damage or pain to the client.


Each tool has multiple shapes and finished edges to increase its employability. The smaller ones are generally used for the treatment of smaller parts of the body, smaller strokes, and reaching superficial tissue structures. The larger and heavier ones are used to reach deeper and are suitable for the treatment of larger parts of the body. Some instruments are also used to “feel” blockages by stroking/scanning across the tissue. The tips of these instruments can be either blunt or sharp, depending on the treatment given. As a general rule, the sharper the tool, the more intense and specific the soft tissue treatment. Finally, the choice of the right tool is different for every therapist. Everyone has their personal preferences and the tool should feel comfortable in one’s hand. With our 6 tools, you can easily customize your treatment based on both your needs and the client’s needs.

Brand: Brand of Moves IASTM tools
Category Wellness
Ref code: 04-090111
Material High-grade stainless steel and a brushed finish
Unit Set of 6

• Sold as a set of 6 (different types)
• Material: makes the tools less prone to scratches and visible smudges