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Tri-sectional hot/cold pack

The Moves Hot/Cold Packs are used for hot as well as cold therapy. This dual applicability makes them a strong alternative to ordinary heating pillows and ice packs. The versatile, reusable packs deliver therapy effectively and economically. The use of the Moves Hot/Cold Pack is unlimited and its material is non-toxic. Even below -20°C it remains soft. The Moves Hot/Cold Pack can be bent in any angle, allowing maximum coverage of joint and muscle. All Hot/Cold Packs can be heated (microwave) and can be frozen (freezer). The temperature holds for approximately 30 minutes.


The soft touch tri-sectional Hot/Cold Pack treats multiple zones at once (neck and shoulders).

Brand: Brand of Tri-sectional hot/cold pack
Category Thermal
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Unit 1 pcs or 10 pcs

• Sold individually & per 10 pcs
• Available in standard (gel) and soft touch (clay)