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VariGrip Therapy

This product can adjust tension in each finger. The resistance from each single finger knob can easily be adjusted incrementally on the patient’s need, which minimizes overcompensation and strain. This also allows the patient to progress steadily.

Each VariGrip’s highest resistance ends where the next VariGrip resistance starts. Any other hand exerciser increases from light (1,4 kg) to medium (2,3 kg). That’s almost a 70% increase gap, which can cause an overload on the muscles, resulting in injuries. The seamless progress from one VariGrip to the other, supported by the padded finger and palm area, guarantees a safe recovery and better feel for those with sensitivity issues.

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Unit 1 pc (VariGrip Therapy or empty display) or set of 5 pcs

• Only the yellow and black (X-light and X-heavy) VariGrip Therapy’s can be bought individually. All colours can be bought in a set.