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Wooden balance board | Standard

These Balance Boards are the ideal solution if you want to improve your balance on an ecologic, high-end product. They are often used for proprioception training, which challenges and develops proprioceptive receptors. Proprioception helps to stabilize a joint during static and dynamic functional tasks. Proprioception exercises can decrease your risk of injury. The Wooden Balance Board is available in 3 versions: Uni-Directional, Standard & Sport. Thanks to their different forms and balance points, these products have a very different character and levels of difficulty.


The Balance Board Standard is lower than the Sport version. In addition, with its smoother pivot point, it reacts completely different than the Sport. It’s a great middle step between the Uni-Directional and Sport Balance Boards.

Brand: Brand of Wooden balance board | Standard
Category Fitness
Ref code: 05-040001
Material Wood
Unit 1 pc

• Measurements: 40 x 40 cm
• Height: 6 cm
• Max inclination: 12,5°
• Max weight: 150 kg