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Xtra comfort gym mat (100cm)

Mambo Max Gym Mats provide a soft touch and comfortable exercise environment. They are perfect for gym & fi tness. They have a nonslip, well-cushioned surface with a unique closed-cell structure. The mats are equipped with plastic rings that are 40 cm apart so they can be suspended while not in use. Mambo Max also offers a Gym Mat Wall Hanger that can hold up to 10 mats.
The Mambo Max Gym Mats are available in 3 different sizes and thicknesses. They are latex-free and can be used in water. Each mat comes with a handy storage/carry strap.

Brand: Brand of Xtra comfort gym mat (100cm)
Category Fitness
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Material Latex-free
Unit 1 pc

• Measurements: 180 x 100 x 1.5 cm
• Thickness: 1.5 cm
• Each mat has 2 rings and comes with a strap