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Unlocking the benefits of moist heat therapy

Moist heat therapy is a go-to solution in pain management and rehabilitation, cherished by physiotherapists, athletes, and those seeking relief from aches and pains. Unlike dry heat, which can leave the skin parched, moist heat penetrates deeply into tissues, offering soothing relief and aiding in pain management, reducing spasms, and improving range of motion.


Whether recovering from intense workouts, chronic pain, or seeking relaxation, moist heat therapy can be a game-changer. By boosting blood flow to affected areas, it promotes healing and speeds up recovery, facilitating a return to activities with reduced discomfort.


To use moist heat therapy, you can start by making sure your products are properly set up according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Moist Heat Units:

Our units heat the packs in a water bath up to 76°C. We offer units with capacities of 4, 6, and 12 packs. The 12-pack unit is mobile, while the other ones are stationary. Each unit is made from durable seamless stainless steel, making them easy to clean and long-lasting. All units are fully insulated, preventing the exterior from becoming too hot and maintaining a consistent temperature inside.


Moist Heat Packs:

We offer three different types of moist heat packs. They are easy to heat up and retain moisture for up to 30 minutes. They are reusable and can be combined with a cover or a towel.


Moist Heat Pack Covers:

We also offer reusable and washable moist heat pack covers to protect both your packs and the skin.


So, why not unlock the power of moist heat therapy? Whether managing pain, enhancing flexibility, or simply unwinding, this age-old remedy offers a pathway to a more comfortable, pain-free lifestyle. Experience the soothing benefits of moist heat therapy and take a step toward a healthier, happier you today.


Our moist heat packs and covers are available now!

The moist heat units will be available mid-July.